Tax Planning + Preparation


Take control of your taxes.

It can be “quick” and “easy” to file your own taxes online, but at what cost? You could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table every time you click “Submit.” Worse than that, you could make a clerical error or withhold critical information that leaves you exposed to an audit by the IRS. Let’s get together and make sure your taxes are completed in order and on time.

Here’s where we can help:

Individual Taxes

Sure, there are a couple of decent tax preparation platforms online. But once you log in, you still might be left scratching your head. Instead of mashing buttons and hoping for the best, let us take a closer look at your finances—we’ll make sure you’re making the right moves for the best returns.

Family Taxes

You and your family have worked too hard for too long to leave anything on the table come tax time. And let’s face it—putting your kids through school and food in the fridge is enough work for anyone. Fortunately, your partners in family tax planning and preparation are at The ZLC Group CPAs.

TrustS & Estates

We understand that preparing your trust and estate tax returns can be a challenging task. What’s more, we respect and appreciate the legacy you wish to leave behind. Our expert CPAs will help you execute a plan that maximizes your contributions and minimizes tax burdens at the same time.

Need a hand with tax planning and preparation?

We offer more than tax assistance—we deliver peace of mind.

We're Growing!

As of Jan 1, 2023, Swiantek, Kling, & Pasieka, LLP, Roy Uebelhoer & Associates, and Southtowns Tax are now part of The ZLC Group CPAs.